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Ecole Baptiste Conservatrice de Soissons

Soissons Conservative Baptist School is located on the Montagne Noire Road near the village of Fermathe. It was founded in October of 1976. The school has about 100 students with 8 teachers and has 12 classrooms, with preschool through 6th grade. The children are 4 to 14 years old. The children enjoy playing jump rope, soccer, and circle games. The school is able to provide hot meals for the children daily during school. The parents are responsible to providing books and uniform fabric for the students. Most of the community adults are involved in farming and agriculture as well as some small street vending. Most of the families have an average of 4 children. 58% of the people in this community are considered Christians. The school buildings are in need of repair work. The school also has a projected goal of establishing a trade school, providing a library and a computer lab. For the school as it is and to provide for the projected goals, there is a need for more qualified teachers. 


Would you like to help us to respond to these needs and goals by praying for them and providing financially for them? 

Your generosity will help transform an entire community.

Help Ecole Baptiste Conservatrice de Soissons reach their funding goal:

$2,400.00 Monthly

Funding Goal: