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Hospital & Campus Power Upgrade

We seek to transition from an expensive generator-powered electricity to a sustainable solar system for the entire campus. It's a transformation that will significantly lower operational costs, and provide a more reliable power source for our hospital and main campus activities. 

But we can't do it without you. Our current electrical system has components that pose safety risks, and upgrading to solar is crucial in ensuring the well-being of everyone on our campus.

Your generous donation will contribute to a safer environment and empower us to redirect saved resources toward our core missions—like the new school sponsorship program and training pastors. This is more than a project; it's an investment in a brighter, safer future for the entire community.

Will you join us in making this vision a reality?

  • David G. in Holland, MI
  • Jack V. in Naples, FL
  • Anonymous

Your generosity will help transform an entire community.

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Hospital & Campus Power Upgrade today!

Funding Goal: $400,000.00

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